Thursday, March 10, 2011

A New Room for Mackenzie

 What a pleasure for us to post about this sweet little redecorating affair. It starts with a Adoring Grandmother and a very deserving granddaughter.

This fairy tale starts with the beautiful furniture! It belonged to Mackenzie's great grandmother, and with a little update given by Victoria (most talented artist) it is perfect for the Euro chic look.

Victoria has been decorating and designing for these ladies for a few years and I was recently invited to go along for a planning session for the finishing touches. It was a marathon of decorating and re purposing. I had the most fun meeting them.

Speaking of finishing touches...... this chandelier is just the right fit for this room. It's beautiful. Grandma's baubles handed down and Victoria's vision made them shine and sparkle

What a lucky young lady to have such a lovely gift from her Grandmother. And thank you to them for letting Victoria and I post about it.

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  1. It turned out lovely!
    Will you be making any more of your darling tote bags out of linen/burlap and vintage linens? If so where can I find them, are you doing Second Saturdayz? I can rarely make it to those.....if you could send me an email at and let me know what show I can find you ladies next that would be great!
    Happy weekend!