Monday, February 28, 2011

Long over due pic's of "Junk Salvation" in Hilsboro

     We had so much FUN at this show. We did a marathon set up, with the much appreciated help from both of our sweeties, after 3 hours on the road.

We enjoyed the whole experience (well, maybe not the drive). Victoria and I met the nicest people that made us remember why we keep doing shows.

I love the part when a visitor walks in our space and exhales then they say "wow".

And you see their faces light up when they spy something they love

It is joy when you know something we created is going to decorate a persons home, and be treasured.
these chairs are beautiful! Victoria did a superb job of recovering them and refinishing the chairs.
They are a personal Favorite of mine and available for sale on our shop link above.

We just love doing shows with these lovely ladies ( Funky Junk Sisters). We even follow them to Oregon!

Stay Tuned for new ventures!