Thursday, October 21, 2010

"Junk Salvation" show

We had the most fun at this show! Every one just gets better. We met amazing people that share our love of beautiful vintage. There were some seriously gorgeous things at this show. I personally love the silver/grey crushed Velvet sofa at "Faded and Worn". Unfortunately it sold so fast none of us got it. but you just can't argue with that kind of deal ($40). I love talking with people that are having as much fun as we are, and enjoy the process of setting up our traveling shops. One of the reasons we love this show.... The Funky Junk Sisters. Dixie and Linda are wonderful to their vendors. (Cocktails being served doesn't hurt) These ladies go out of their way to make each vendor feel welcome to the show and that just speaks to the southern gal I am. Its like visiting and sitting on the porch with a glass of sweet tea. So big thank you's go out to them.

Something New for this show, and for me, was the western "nest". Victoria's roots are in the vintage western, and oh boy, does that lady know good western. I was the most proud of this section because it's so different than anything we've done together as a team and we were both a little uncertain of how it was going to be received at the show. Well, it was a hit! and look for the "western nest" to become a feature for us in the future. lets face it ladies, we all have a little inner cowgirl in us!

This dresser and hutch were a last minute project. It was perfect for display. And Thank God Victoria let me store it in one of her out buildings while I worked on it. The dishes on the top shelf are Homer Laughlin from the '40's. They have a soft blue border with silver edges. complete service for 12. I love the the elegance in the simplicity of the pattern, and I love Homer Laughlin. They are still affordable when you find them and usable vintage is the best vintage!

One of our most famous features is the "petty coat" lamp shade. We have had them at the last 2 shows and they are just de"light"ful. An average of 12 yards of fabric goes into each one. WOW! Scarlett O'Hara would be proud!

How pretty is this vignette? One of the things Victoria and I like to tell people is we consider ourselves a traveling shop. We spend hours on our display and floor plan. We are designers as well as artists. As usual this show was so awesome! we had 3 points of entry! and so that means 3 focal points. I personally loved the display this time. And look how pretty Victoria's chair is.

We had the best time! as you can see we stuffed our spot with as much fall wonder as we could. In this picture you see the beautiful display of rosettes on a vintage lamp shade. I think these were the "hit" of the show. We sold out. And if you missed out, we will be listing these for sale on our blog soon! These are totally hand made with new and vintage bits and pieces and are a one of a kind treasure.

You also see the corner of the other hit of the show, the little white sofa. I got a lot of oooh's and ahhhh's over it, and thank you. Just a bit of back ground info on this little treasure. Its a repurposed Ethan Allen sofa I found. When I found it there were no cushions and it was white and blue checked. My husband thought I was crazy when I asked him to pick it up. It took me 2 weeks, 10 different fabrics (some raw silk added here and there), 10 different trims, and 6 loose back cushions. Its always a labor of love with these projects.
******* Thank you goes to all the great customers, lovely fellow vendors, and the Funky Junk Sisters. Love and blessings from the giggling chick (e)