Friday, October 14, 2011

It's Junk Salvation Time again!

For Any of you
vintage loving friends out there that haven't heard about this show
 listen up!!!....

This is a fabulous show,
There are around a hundred vendors so I guarantee that you will find a treasure...

V and I have always done this show
(and will be be back)
but due to the demand of a new shop
we will have to skip being a vendor at this show...
We will....... however be shoppers....
(look out)

So get there before WE do!

Mark your calendars
November 4th 6-9pm
admission for the first pickings is $15
November 5th 10-4pm
admission Saturday is $7
South Hill Mall
The Competative Edge building
Puyallup, Wa

V and I have the best time with these ladies...
They are a Riot of Fun and treat everyone like FAMILY.


for more information go to